So this is when I grow up...

the new definition of love ... :-)


kan iemand mij vertellen wat het woord 'vriendschap' betekent?


It was not her as everyone had thought
But you, how easily you were able to turn away
From all that we were
Those things that you said
Admit it, your words they came as cheap as your breath
And with even less meaning, you selfish fuck
The next time that you tell me that you love me
Please look me in the eye so that I can see the twitch
And I will fight to keep my balance
Pray to hold my temper
Ten years of history traded away for a nickel and
The world's most crooked grin
You would not know 'nobility' if it jumped right up
And punched you in the face
And this rock won't turn to a butterfly
No matter how hard I squeeze
But I will face it while you look the other way
Face it
(Always facing it)
I believe that it's the only way
So many moments wasted on you and this rage
Waiting for the dust to settle
Or these tears to dry or the axe to fall
Something has got to give


het woord liefde daarentegen hoeft niet uitgelegd te worden, ik voel het tot op het diepste van mijn bot ... damn ... you rock !

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